• Abi Rama

    (b. 1989) As multimedia artist, he also forms Kasetan, a disc jockey duo that uses cassette tapes as the main medium. With his fellow artists at Visual Jalanan, forms Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis, a space for experimentations and explorations of technology, visual, cultural, and urban youth. In 2015, he was one of the curators for ‘Cinema Civilization in Exhibition #2, during the ‘ARKIPEL Grand Illusion. Also a curator for ‘Visual Jalanan: Bebas Tapi Sopan’ in the National Gallery of Indonesia as fringe event of Jakarta Biennale 2015.

  • Hanif Alghifary

    (b. 1993, Jakarta) member of Forum Lenteng, student of Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Jakarta. Part of Kampung Segart Community, now involve in Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis, Log Out Corps and Visual Jalanan. Last exhibition was with Log Out Corps named “Sidewalk Warfare” in The Japan Foundation Jakarta.

  • Muhamad Fauzan Chaniago

    (b. 1993) Comes from Padang ancestry, Student of Institute of Social and Political Sciences , Jakarta. Majoring Advertising and take semester break until undecided time. Member of Forum Lenteng, Director Toko Store and active in Kampung Segart, Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis and Visual Jalanan. He dreams to finish university.

  • Rachmadi A.K.A. Rambo

    (b. 1992) Member of Forum Lenteng and student of Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Jakarta. Trumpet Blower and total joker. Now active in Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis and Visual Jalanan. He also forms Kasetan, a disc jockey duo that uses cassette tapes as the main medium with Abi Rama and a band named The Sarinah.

  • Hauritsa

    (b. 1977) Graduated from Jakarta Institute of the Arts , Studied Fine Arts specifically Graphic Arts. Living and working in Jakarta as a graphic designer and visual artist. Also involved in ARTLAB ruru as a visual artist. His work is more of a social nature, what happened between personal and the surrounding environment. He also made a short poem and using visual art as the medium to present his poetry. He also initiated Jakarta Wasted Artists (JWA) along with three other artists from Jakarta that focuses on issues of urban life.

  • Reza ‘Asung’ Afisina

    (b. 1977) Studied cinematography—specifically sound recording for film and documentary features—at Jakarta Institute of the Arts and has been showing performance and installation works at home and abroad. Reza is an active member of Ruang Rupa and works collaboratively with artists in both Indonesia and overseas, also the artistic director of their ArtLab since its inception in 2008.

  • Ragil Dwi Putra
    Ragil Dwi Putra

    (b.1992) Student of Jakarta Institute of The Art majoring in Fine Art spefically graphic art. Sometimes working as graphic designer for several events. He also a member of Bremol Band that bring printmaking culture issue in their music and lyric. His work mostly bring political and social issue that using wheatpaste in public space.

  • Prashasti Wilujeng Putri

    (b.1991) Graduated from Criminology Department, University of Indonesia, a dancer from Central Java Pavilion Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and ‘Radha Sarisha’ Dance Community. Also member of Forum Lenteng and involved in halamanpapua.org as a researcher. In 2015, she was one of the writers for “Visual Jalanan: Free But Proper” exhibition, showcasing street arts and visual activities.

  • Hafiz

    (b. 1971) graduated Fine Arts at Jakarta Institute of Arts (IKJ) in 1994. He is an artist, curator, founder of Forum Lenteng and Ruangrupa. Editor in Chiet at www.jurnalfootage.net. He is also the Artistic Director of OK. Video – Jakarta International Video Festival (2003-2011). Since 2013, Hafiz is The Head Commissioner of Visual Arts at Jakarta Arts Council.

  • Gelar Agryano Soemantri

    (b in January 1986, Cianjur) graduated from Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Jakarta. Majoring Journalistic. now editor in chief of halamanpapua.org. Video artist who make a project in turnlrftaftersundaymarket.com. One of Biennale 2015 roadshow artist (RAOS). His video “When I Back Home, no Mama In Front TheDoor” listed as special screening in Rotterdam Film Festival 2008.

  • Otty Widasari

    (b, 1973 in Balikpapan) graduated Fine Arts at Jakarta Institute of Arts (IKJ). She once studied Journalistic at Institute of Social and Political Science Jakarta (IISIP). She is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and one of the founders of Forum Lenteng. She is also program director of akumassa and Editor in Chief at www.akumassa.org.

  • Pingkan Polla

    (b, 1993 in Magelang) is a student majoring in Fiscal Administration at University of Indonesia and still running her research on digital economy. She is now working at Forum Lenteng and spend her spare time actively with the Radha Sarisha Dance Community. She is also involved in AKUMASSA – Diorama Program as a researcher.

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